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World Clock Badge

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You want to contact someone overseas, but what time is it?
7AM in Tokyo tomorrow is what time in New York?
Check it quickly with this Time Difference Clock!

[About This Application]
"World Clock Badge" is an application that allows you to display the time in any city on your iPhones home screen.
Furthermore, within the application you can display the time of multiple cities at once as well as advance and move back the time as you like.
For example, if you want to know what time it is in New York when its 7AM in Tokyo, you can easily figure it out.

1. Displays the time in any city on your home screen (Refreshes automatically with use of the Push function.)
2. Shows the time in multiple cities at once.
3. Allows you to grasp at a glance what time it is in each city by advancing and moving back time.

[How To Use]
After starting up the application, touch "Times" and select a city whose time you wish to know from the list of major cities from every country. You can add a maximum of 4 cities.
Touch the city whose time you wish to display on the badge. The next time the background changes, it will be registered to the badge.
When you look at the home screen, that citys time (minutes not displayed) will be displayed at the top of the icon.

[Other Important Points]
The time will automatically refresh every hour with the push function, but may not refresh normally if reception is bad.
If this occurs, it will return to normal as soon as you move to a space with good reception.
- Midnight is displayed as 24.
- Application may not behave normally if placed in a folder.